Coastline Film Festival 2017 at the Chapel of Horror

We are pleased to support Tape Community Music and Film during this years Coastline Film Festival who will again be transforming Gwynfryn Chapel into the Chapel of Horror.

Coastline Film Festival 2017 – Chapel of Horror programme.
In association with the fantastic horror-podcast, Post Mortem with Mick Garris.

    Saturday 4th November

Dark, Dark House (PG)
London-based director, Declan Leslie is an upcoming artist in the field of Outsider Art and part of the Action Space Cockpit Arts Group. He made his debut short film, the autobiographical ‘I’m Just an Irish Boy Trying to Find Something to Do’ in 2011. Dark Dark House, Declan’s first venture into short fiction film, was shot on location at Highgate and Abney Park Cemeteries in 2014/15. Declan’s film, which begins in the famous cemetery, mixes together a famous legend and transports the concluding part of the film to another famous and sinister location, a neo-gothic mansion often referred to by locals as ‘the dark dark house’. Imagine a mash-up of ‘Nosferatu’ and ‘Carry on Screaming’, add in US rap star in a cameo role and you are somewhere close to where this short film sees itself.
Carnival of Souls (15)
A new, unique adaptation of director Herk Harvey’s 1962 experimental horror film oddity, Carnival of Souls has been stripped and adapted to become an audio-only experience inside a darkened cinema, inspired by classic adventure radio serials and sensory deprivation methods. Commissioned by Film Hub North West Central with an advisory group of blind and partially sighted audience
members, the broadcast is relayed across wireless headsets incorporating binaural audio – a technique that creates the illusion of the action happening to and around the listener, forming a sense of intimate proximity. From approaching footsteps to whispered breath, you will be fully immersed in the unfolding drama.
The story follows Mary Henry (Amanda Hennessy), the sole survivor of a horrific car accident who begins a new life in a sleepy Utah town, home to a derelict carnival and dancehall. Still struggling in the aftermath of her accident, she is haunted by an enigmatic figure that slips inside her dreams (Baby Dee) and calls her to the ruins of the former pleasure ground – about which the local Mormon congregation know more than they choose to reveal. Featuring the voices of Amanda Hennessy with musician Baby Dee who has collaborated with Mark Almond, Will Oldham, Andrew W. K, Antony Hegarty and Matt Sweeney. ‘It sounds crazy, but then it was crazy to start with anyway. An unsettling stalk through an otherworldly American town populated by creepy ghouls, sinister organ music and abandoned fairgrounds. But Film Hub North West Central have come up with a novel way to experience this cult classic: by not showing it at all.’-The Guardian. Blindfolds will be provided!

    Saturday 11th November

Sleepwalkers (18)
In partnership with the podcast, Post-Mortem with Mick Garris, we present a 25th anniversary screening of Stephen King’s ‘Sleepwalkers. The screening also marks King’s 70t birthday and will be preceded by a specially recorded introduction by director, Mick Garris.
Brian Krause and Alice Krige star in this horror movie of modern-day vampires who prey on virtuous young women. Mädchen Amick falls for the new boy in school, only to learn too late that he’s a life-sucking sleepwalker. Mutating at will from golden boy to savage monster, Krause stalks Amick to feed his seductive mother.

    Sunday 12th November

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (18)
In partnership with the podcast, Post-Mortem with Mick Garris, we present a screening of this genre classic, in tribute to the film’s director, Tobe Hooper who died earlier this year.
The screening will be preceded by a specially recorded introduction from Tobe’s friend and collaborator, Mick Garris.
This once controversial film is now regarded as a classic and marked a significant turning point in horror-filmmaking as a vehicle for social commentary. In 2012, the film was named by critics in the British Film Institute’s Sight & Sound magazine as one of the 250 greatest films of all time.

    Saturday 18th November

Party of the Dead (PG)
This wonderful short film was produced through a summer workshop at the TAPE/Afasic Cymru Backstage Youth Club. Written by club member David as a comic book, the film was performed and shot by a group of young people who also achieved Agored filmmaking qualifications as part of the project.
Ravenous (18)
Ravenous is a 1999 black comedy horror-suspense film directed by Antonia Bird and starring Guy Pearce, Robert Carlyle, Jeffrey Jones and David Arquette. The film revolves around cannibalism in 1840s California and some elements bear similarities to the story of the Donner Party and that of Alfred Packer. The film has a darkly humorous and ironic take on its gruesome subject matter with a unique score by Michael Nyman and Damon Albarn.

    Sunday 19th November

Peeping Tom (18)
Peeping Tom is a 1960 British psychological thriller-horror film directed by Michael Powell and written by the World War II cryptographer and polymath Leo Marks. The film revolves around a serial killer who murders women while using a portable movie camera to record their dying expressions of terror. The film’s controversial subject and the extremely harsh reception by critics effectively destroyed Powell’s career as a director in the United Kingdom. However, it attracted a cult following, and in later years, it has been re-evaluated and is now widely considered a masterpiece.

All screenings commence at 7.30pm at Gwynfyryn Chapel located between the Gwynfryn B&B and Alfredos restaurant on York Place off Lancaster Square in Conwy. Tickets can be purchased online, on the door or at TAPE in Old Colwyn. Click her to purchase your tickets online via Eventbrite.