The Tabernacl Chapel in Conwy: Overview

Capel Tabernacl or Tabernacl Chapel in Conwy; is the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel behind Gwynfryn B&B. Original built in the early 19th century with the entrance onto Chapel Street. In 1873 the Chapel was completely modified to as it is today. This included the grand entrance via York Place, the building of the attached Vestry and of Gwynfryn (being built as the home for the superintendent preacher). We can only presume the two stages being due to do with finances available when originally building the Chapel.
The Tabernacl Chapel in Conwy is in superb condition and is a truly outstanding example of one of the thousands of chapels built.

We were very sad to hear the Chapel in Conwy was to close in August 2011 but understood due to dwindling numbers of parishioners the Chapel could no longer survive. Due to our strong connection through Gwynfryn we immediately knew we had to rescue the Tabernacl from any would be major developers. Over the next year or so we went through the amazingly drawn out process and were successful in buying the Chapel in November 2012.

The Chapel: In Pictures

The Chapel: Future Plans

The Chapel is a Grade II listed building and as many original items of significance which will be retained. These include the organ & pipes, pulpit and ornate balcony. We were completely aware of the utmost importance to retain the original features within the Chapel.
We spent almost a year going through the planning stages with Conwy Council. Working extremely closely with the Council Conservation Department to achieve our aim. To keep the Chapel feeling and looking like the Chapel whilst creating a usable venue which will enhance the town of Conwy and attract more tourism.
After lots of support from our Town Councillors and many businesses in the town, in September 2013 we finally had our plans approved. Unfortunately we then discovered that there was no longer any grant funding. Over the next couple of years we search high and low until we accepted we had exhausted all avenues in search of grant aid.
At the beginning of 2016 we made the decision to change our initial plans for the Vestry and instead we decided to create 4 B&B Rooms. Project Managing the works ourselves we started on the 8th February 2016 and after lots of hard work finally completed on the 5th August 2016, with our first guests arriving the same day.

We hope to start the next phase of our Project towards the end of 2016, when we will create a large multi-purpose venue within the main Chapel space.
The last phase will be the conversion of the Chapel loft space into 4 large double en-suite B&B accommodation rooms.
For more details on this project and to follow how things are progressing follow our Chapel Blog.

The Chapel is currently available for private hire and is an ideal & unique venue in Conwy for private events. With seating for up to 300 people, it would make a perfect venue for weddings, christenings, concerts and numerous events.
Please feel free to contact us with your enquiries.