Conwy: The Quintessential Welsh Town

The town of Conwy is an unique Welsh Town being surrounded by the almost complete town walls linking to the stunning Conwy Castle and designated a World Heritage Site. With its many eclectic quaint shops hidden amongst the cobbled streets. There is an abundance of attractions which span the ages.
Conwy can also boast a wide choice of places to sample food and drink both locally sourced and with influences from other parts of the globe.
Through out this section we hope to help you sample all the pleasures Conwy as to offer.

Conwy Castle

Built between 1283 – 1287 under the instructions of King Edward I when constructing the walled town of Conwy. This medieval fortification was part of a ring of defenses built during Edwards conquest of Wales. Costing around £15,000 which in those days was a huge amount. The construction was controlled by Sir John Bonvillars being overseen by master mason James of St. George. Over the years the Castle was involved in many conflicts playing a important role in several wars. By 1655 the castle was left to complete ruin after being stripped of its last remaining iron and lead. Through the 18th & 19th centuries it become popular with many painters. Conwy Castle started to attract more and more visitors and initial restoration work began. The castle became under the protection and control of CADW in the 21st century as it is today.

Plas Mawr

Not be missed is Plas Mawr, the ‘Great Hall’, built between 1576 and 1585 for the influential Welsh merchant, Robert Wynn. An architectural gem being the finest surviving town house of the Elizabethan era to be found anywhere in Britain.

Conwy Attractions: In Pictures

Below you can find a selection of photographs of just a sample of Conwy attractions.